436 HT/ZX
Product description

JCB 436ZX wheel loader has a superb panoramic view from the cabin and in conjunction with the special shape of the hood, provide excellent visibility.

The machine has a simple servo control system, which meets the latest European and U.S. emission standards and noise, has an easy access to all units and units for maintenance.

On the wheeled loader an automatic stabilization system SRS can be set, which reduces the loss of transported material and smoothes fluctuations in the movement, resulting in reduced cycle time, and JCB 436ZX wheel loader increases productivity.

E-alert system (EMS) provides continuous transfer of information to the monitor about the working technical parameters.

Fluid replacement carriage mounted on the entire range of wheel loaders, allow to maximize their scope.

Technical characteristics:
Curb weight 14.5 tn.
Net engine power 173 hp
Bucket capacity 2,7 cubic m.
Maximum load capacity tn.
Dump height at overturning the bucket at 45 degrees m