JS 330
Product description

The main feature of the JCB JS 330 excavator cab is installed adjustable seat on the air cushion, optimum length controls, excellent circular visibility, heater unit with anti-fog windshield.

Tracked excavator is equipped with an additional hydraulic oil filtration system Plexus with the purification fineness of 1.5 microns, which improves system reliability, while improving filter life at 1000 m / h and prolonging the oil change up to 5000 m / h.This, in turn, helps to simplify the maintenance of the excavator.

A special feature allows temporarily to increase the pressure in the hydraulic system by 10% to increase the pull-off force of the bucket and stick.

Modern control system AMS continuously transmits technical data on a monitor mounted in the cab, for maximum performance, fuel economy and effective management of the excavator at work.

Robust design framework in standard rendition includes the X-frame undercarriage with high ground clearance, turning circle of large diameter and a lower cover plate chassis.

JCB JS 330 excavator is equipped with a modern engine with low emissions and at the same time having high reliability and durability and meets all current standards.

Technical characteristics:
Engine power 281 hp
Digging depth 7,1 m
Bucket capacity 0,85-2,34 cubic m.
Weight 33,2-38,3 tn