Model 2250
Product description

The Model 2250, the next generation, features a 372 kW (500 hp) engine and closed-loop hydraulics that deliver line speeds to 165 m/min (541 fpm) and rated single-line pull to 222 kN (30,000 lb) with option duty-cycle equipment packages.

•372 kW (500 hp) Engine
•18 100kg (40,000 lb) Clamshell capacity
•45,4 mton(50 ton) Container Handling Attachment
•EPIC Controls
•Fast, efficient self-assembly and disassembly
•Complete crane, maximum boom, jib and counterweight ships on 15 trucks

Technical characteristics:
300 000
Main boom 91,4 m
Fixed jib on the main boom 118,9 m
Shunting jib on the main boom 121,9 m
Estimated tension of the rope 133/165 kN, m/min