Model 777
Product description

Ask construction professionals about Manitowoc cranes and you'll hear two words: quality and longevity. This workhorse crane has the speed, reach and power to handle a variety of jobs. The 777 features the advanced EPIC® control system and FACT® connectors for quick and reliable assembly.

195 kW (260 HP) Engine Upperworks EPIC®
Controls 373 kW (500 HP)
Engine Carrier
Fast, efficient self-assembly
Hydraulic-cylinder Boom hoist for maximum performance with minimum maintenance 10x6
Carrier travels with upperworks in place 96,6 kph (60 mph) travel speed

Technical characteristics:
181 000
Main boom 82,3 m
Fixed jib on the main boom 91,4 m
Shunting jib on the main boom 106,7 m
Estimated tension of the rope 196/135 kN, m/min