RT 765E-2
Product description

MEGAFORM TM boom shape eliminates weight and increase capacity compared to conventional shapes. Large wear pads improve superior boom alignment when telescoping, and allow an excellent transition of weights between sections.
Inverted outrigger jacks allow to protect the cylinder rod from sand, dust, oils and various elements you can find on a jobsite and increase seal life. The outriggers can be spread in 3 different positions: fully retracted, 50% and 100 % open.
Tier IV/Euromot 3B compliant engine: cranes are equipped with the engines that meet emissions.


•Four-section full-power boom
•Exclusive MEGAFORM™ boom design
•Quick-reeve boom nose and hook block
•Pinned-on counterweight
•Hot water cab heater

Technical characteristics:
60 000
Boom extension 33,5 m
Jib 10,1-17,1 m
Maximum boom 65,2 m