Doro miller
Product description

The Doro Miller, with adjustable working width’s, is used as a restoration tool on reed beds, wetlands, shorelines or lake beds. The different millers are interchangeable and can be detached from the operating unit which is mounted on the Truxor’s lift arm.
The roots of lilies and other aquatic plants can be removed using the rotor knife mounted on the lift arm giving a working depth of 1.6m.
Technical information

Drive unit
Weight 36 kg.
Revolutions: 0-300 v/min
Torque: max 400 Nm
Length: 0,9 m
Art. No. 72-10000
Set of miller heads
Working width: 0,8 m.
Weight: 34 kg.
Art. No. 72-12200

Set of miller heads
Working width: 1,2 m.
Weight: 44 kg.
Art. No. 72-12300

Technical characteristics: