Product description

The model is equipped with engine capacity of 177 hp JCB A distinctive feature of these engines is low noise, high efficiency and enhanced performance with minimal maintenance costs. At the same time, they fully meet the emission standards established for this class of cars in Europe and North America, while moving out of highways.

The spacious cabin management meets safety standards FOPS / ROPS. Large glass area, providing excellent all-round visibility, combined with the air conditioning system helps reduce operator fatigue.

E-Alert System (EMS), used wheel loader JCB, in these machines is standard. The main function of EMS is to provide information to the operator about the status of the machine as a whole and its individual components, thus ensuring the safety of the operator and other workers at the facility, and of course, the safety of the car.

In models JCB 714, 718 applied simple gear pumps, while the machine model 722 equipped with axial piston pumps. All this ensures the efficiency of the hydraulic system, technologically simple, but at the same time, reliable and economical.

Manual or automatic transmission has 6 forward and 3 reverse gears.

Technical characteristics:
Net engine power 177 hp
Braking system Двухконтурные дисковые тормоза на всех колесах
Front suspension Четырехрычажная трапеция
Rear suspension Жестко закрепленный на раме мост
Capacity 16,33 tn
Tilting angle 84 gr.