Truxor DM 4700 B
Product description

Truxor DM 4700 B is a flexible work machine for professional use. With two joysticks controlling direction, load distribution and operation of the various tools and accessories the 4700 B travels easily between land and water. The wide paddle tracks give great manoeuvrability allowing Truxor to turn on it’s own axis. The machine stops within a metre from full speed.

The DM-bracket on the lifting arm makes it easy for the operator to change most of the tools. One person can easily handle the machine.

Truxor’s lightweight design makes it easy to load and unload from the trailer making transportation simple and cost effective.

Truxor 4700 B is the ideal tool for aquatic weed cutting and collecting, reed harvesting and the general maintenance of reed bed and wetland habitats.

Truxor DM 4700 B has a hydro-static hydraulic system that makes is suitable for reed cutting and gathering plants. We recommend Truxor DM 5000 for more power-demanding tools.

Motor: Lombardini Focs 1003 27 hk diesel engine
environmental class TIER 4 / Stage 3A. Euro Class 3.

Electric system: 45 A-generator, 45 Ah-battery.
Cooling system: Water-cooled with double radiator for the motor and hydraulic system.

Left Joystick: For driving the machine, hydraulic outlet with variable flow 5-25 l/min. Hydrostatic drive.

Right joystick: Lifts, tilts, weight displacement.
Driver’s seat: Ergonomic design, adjustable driver’s seat with an electrically heated chair, collapsible cab, adjustable control lever, instrument panel with temperature gauge, control lights, chronometer.

Driving speed: 0-80 m/min.

Front lifts: Lifting power 250 kg, DM-bracket for fast exchange of tools.

Material: Pontoons made of saltwater-resistant aluminium. Hot-dip galvanized steel construction.

Dimensions: Length 4.7 m.

Width 2.06 m. Height 2.1 m. Weight: 1,370 kg

Equipment: Work lighting, service tools.
Truxor DM 4700 B is delivered CE-marked.
Art no. 94-4700B2S

Environmental choice: Hydraulic eco-friendly oil,
Panolin (70 litres) replaces standard hydraulic oil.
Art No. 94-10HLP46

Specified power 27 hp refers to the engine manufacturer’s effective output at 3,600 rpm. Due to the max. permitted rotational speed of the hydrostatic pumps, the engine is limited to 3150 rpm. Effective power at 3,150 rpm is approx. 25 hp.

Technical characteristics:
Engine Lombardini Focs 1003
Net engine power 20,1/27 kW / hp
Speed 0-80 m/min
Front lifts lifting power 250 kg
Transport dimensions 4 700/ 2 060/ 2 100 mm
Operating weight 1370 kg