JS 200W
Product description

Wheel excavator JCB JS 200W has the features of the cabin, which are ergonomically designed control system, adjustable seat on an air cushion, the optimal length of the controls, excellent all-round visibility, with a heater unit defogging windshield.

In severe conditions, an excavator may briefly increase the power of hydraulic actuators is 10%.

Impressive Capacity obespchivaet exceptional stability.

Excavator equipped with automated control management AMS, provides high performance and efficiency.

The unique filtration system Plexus with subtlety clean hydraulic fluid 1.5 microns improves system reliability excavator, increasing oil change intervals of up to 5000 m / h

Secure hoses and pipelines, and transmission installed in the center, helping to protect the parts and components in the interior of the chassis excavator JCB JS 200W.

Different combinations of location dozer blade and outriggers allow the machine to exactly match the customer requirements.

Technical characteristics:
Curb weight 20,4 - 23,7 tn.
Net engine power 172 hp
Capacity offered by bucket 04,-1,18 cubic m.
Digging depth 6.47 m
Layout options boom Монострела / 3-секционная стрела