Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! 

I am pleased to welcome You on our official web-site.

Being the head of Construction Machinery Ltd (CML), I am very proud that in a relatively short period of time we have managed to build a modern, innovative and reliable company.  The CML Company managed to achieve significant results and to take a leading position on Ukrainian market and most importantly, CML has managed to gain the trust and favor among a large amount of clients and customers.  

15 years ago when we started, we had to explain what JCB is.
Nowadays, on my way to the clients I frequently meet JCB machines.
A significant number of delivered technique and machines were involved and is constantly used in the construction of almost all strategic sites of Ukraine and we have nothing but the positive feedback of their work and operation.
In the nearest future the CML Company sets itself a goal to meet the customers’ needs in high quality technique and appropriate service level. We do our best to stay the most reliable and responsible partner for our clients. 

Our team is our main value, because it represents the company to our clients and partners.  That is why we are constantly investing in our employees for their professional development and personal realization within a company. 

In terms of active market development we are actively responding to the changing market conditions, while leaving the principle of respecting to our clients unchanged. 

We are constantly trying to listen to our clients’ feedback to better understand their demands and to produce the results that exceed their expectations. 

I sincerely hope that our experience and knowledge will allow you to discover new opportunities and to obtain new solutions for your business.

Yours sincerely,
Kamen  Nonev

Construction Machinery Ltd.